“Protect me – I am small”


15 March, 2012

Social campaign “Protect me – I am small”
encourages taking care of babies and small children

Children Support Center on 14 March launched social campaign “Protect me – I am small”.

The aim of the campaign is the protection of babies and children from violence and corporal punishment and is designed for parents, caregivers and professionals. Audio and video clips, posters, leaflets, stickers and the brochures for parents were published and will be spread all around Lithuania in health, education, legal institutions, orphanages and in mass media. The similar campaigns will be organized in Poland, Latvia and Bulgaria.

“Children of age 0-3 are the most vulnerable and totally dependent on their parents, caregivers and other adults. This period is a very important stage for child’s development. According to research, positive and strong relations with parents give the child a greater opportunity to grow up safely. Therefore, it is important to develop understanding that when we raise children, we should encourage and motive them without using violence,” says Director of the Children Support Center Ausra Kuriene.

According to TNS Gallup research, corporal punishment is widely used growing a child. 45% of respondents in Poland, 37% in Latvia think that corporal punishment is justified. In Lithuania 52% of respondents had the same opinion. Shaken baby syndrome – is the most painful consequence of inappropriate behavior with babies and small children.

In the press conference participated Children’s Rights Ombudsman Edita Ziobiene, Director of the Children Support Center Ausra Kuriene, Project Coordinator and Psychologist Erna Petkute, Professor of Vilnius University Psychiatrist Dainius Puras, and Ophtolmologist of Children Santariskes Hospital Donata Montvilaite.

Children Support Center is NGO organization, 16 years in a row implements miscellaneous children abuse prevention and intervention programs, dedicated to children and families, who experience social, psychological crisis due to corporal, emotional, or sexual abuse, or those who become witnesses of abuse. Professionals of this center help children and adults; provide trainings for workers in education, health care, legal, and social institutions; and aims to ensure psychological security and welfare of children in Lithuania.

The social campaign "Protect me - I am small" is sponsored by Daphne, Childhood and Oak funds. And partners of this campaign are Nobody's Children Foundation (Poland), Institute for Social Initiatives and Practices (Bulgaria), Center Dardedze  (Latvia), Children SupportCentre (Lithuania) and other.
More information: www.pozityvitevyste.lt, www.pvc.lt
+370 611 43567

Contact Person
Erna Petkute, Project Coordinator +370 687 41 077

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